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Early Music Voices 2021-2022 Season .

Concert 1

Italian Concertos with Violoncello Piccolo

Elinor Frey, violoncello piccolo solo

Rosa Barocca conducted by Claude Lapalme

Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at 7:30 pm MDT
Location: Christ Church 3602 8 St SW  map
Click here to view concert (until Sept. 15th)

As the name implies, the violoncello piccolo is a smaller version of the cello, usually with five strings or an even-smaller four-string version. Through concertos by Vivaldi, Leo, Sammartini, and Tartini, the ensemble explores the unique and captivating sound world of the violoncello piccolo during a time when composers wrote both “galant” melodies while still enjoying rich harmonies and expressive counterpoint. 

Performers: Elinor Frey, Claude Lapalme, Rosa Barocca

Violin 1: Paul Luchkow, Naomi Delafield, Andrea Neumann

Violin 2: Lise Boutin, Louise Stuppard, Sarah Bleile

Viola: Dean O’Brien, Ronelle Schaufele

Continuo cello: Janet Kuschak

Contrabass: Shanti Nachtergaele

Harpsichord: Mélisande McNabney

Portative Organ: Wendy Markosky

Concert 2
Copy of Baltimore Consort - Horizontal (hi res).jpg

Adew Dundee: Early and Traditional Music of Scotland

Baltimore Consort

Friday, November 12, 2021 at 8:00 pm MST
Location: Knox United Church 506 4 St SW map
Click here to view concert (until Nov. 19th)

The "Scotch Humor" has enchanted music lovers for hundreds of years. The Baltimore Consort explores music of Scotland from 400 years ago while also tracing the thread of traditional Scottish Song which followed the migrations of Scottish farmers and artisans to the New World. 



Mary Anne Ballard - treble, tenor, and bass viols, rebec

(Joanna Blendulf will replace Mary Anne Ballard for this performance)

Larry Lipkis – tenor and bass viols, soprano recorder, crumhorn

Ronn McFarlane - lute

Mindy Rosenfeld - flutes, whistle, crumhorn

Danielle Svonavec, soprano

Special Announcement: On concert day from 2:30-3:30pm, the group will present a free Lecture Demonstration at MRU in the TransAlta Pavilion. They will discuss the repertoire and their instruments, both musically and historically, and perform examples both solo and together as an ensemble.

Concert 3
Rosa Barocca logo.jpg

Debut Messiah Arias

Sunday, December 19 2021 at 7:30 pm MST
Location: Knox United Church 506 4 St SW  map
Click here to view the concert* (until December 26)

After the cancellation of last year’s Sing Along Messiah, we are excited to present the singers who successfully auditioned and coached their arias online in December 2020.  Having worked hard through challenging times, these singers continue to grow as artists and prepare for their future careers.  Come and support them in their artistic journey as they perform their arias with orchestra.  (Sing Along Messiah will return in 2022)


Debut Performers:

Anna Draper, soprano

Brianna Jones, soprano

Madeleine Luntley, soprano

Sean Haid, countertenor

Sarah Nearing, mezzo-soprano

Noah Wright, baritone

With Rosa Barocca conducted by Claude Lapalme

& Guest Artist: Oliver Munar, tenor

                                      * There is no charge to watch the livestream, but Donations are much appreciated!

Concert 4
Constantinople © Anna-Tina Eberhard (1)-min.jpg

Dalla Porta d'Oriente

Marco Beasley, tenor

Constantinople, directed by Kiya Tabassian

Friday, March 11, 2022 at 7:30 pm (MST)   map
Note venue changed to: Knox United Church, 506 4 St SW 
View concert until Mar 18th*

Songs of the Italian, Ottoman and Persian renaissances are interwoven in an early 17th-century manuscript by the Polish musician and orientalist Ali Ufki (Albert Bobowski). In this source the author revels in shifting from one language to another and one music to another. Joined by Italian tenor Marco Beasley, Constantinople revisits the music of that period and recreates a bridge between European and Persian cultures. 



Fabio Accurso, lute
Didem Başar, kanun
Marco Beasley, tenor
Marco Ferrari, recorder, baroque flute & ney
Patrick Graham, percussion
Tanya LaPerrière, viola d’amore & baroque violin
Stefano Rocco, archilute & baroque guitar
Kiya Tabassian, setar, voice & leader

* There is no charge to watch the livestream, but Donations are much appreciated!

F Caccini Primo Libro.jpg

Francesca Caccini: A Woman of Influence

VoiceScapes & Friends

Saturday, May 28, 2022 at 7:30 pm MST
View the concert online until June 4th 
Location: Christ Church, 3602 8 St SW 

Francesca Caccini was the daughter of the famed Giulio Caccini and part of a renowned musical family.  Francesca, first known as a brilliant singer, became a highly regarded composer who taught music, led ensembles and wrote music for important court celebrations, including the first known opera written by a woman.  This special concert will take you on a journey through her musical life in the early 17th century.

Singers: Hannah Pagenkopf, Julie Harris, Elizabeth Fast

Aoife Bonaventura & Celia Lee

Jerald Fast, Nicholas Allen,

Roderick Bryce & Paul Grindlay


Ralph Maier, baroque guitar & theorbo

Justin Luchinski, harpsichord & organ

Andrea Neumann, Louise Stuppard & Eduardo Solá, violins

Andrea Case, viola da gamba

* There is no charge to watch the livestream, but Donations are much appreciated!

Concert 5

2021-2022 Ticket Update

Special Returning-to-concerts Season Subscription Price:

$100 available until November 12th! 

Single tickets for each concert $40

Messiah Arias on December 19th, single tickets $30

Student Rush price (all concerts, at the door only) $20

Tickets are available through the Polaris Centre Online Box Office.

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