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Adew Dundee: Early and Traditional Music of Scotland

Friday, November 12, 2021 at 7:30 pm
Location: Christ Church, 3602 8 St SW  map

Early Scottish music is a magical array of the courtly and native folk arts. The  court itself absorbed the most enchanting and rarified styles from its neighbors to  the South—the English, French, Netherlandish, and Italian, and long after the  court of James VI of Scotland had moved to England in 1603, the Scots who  remained in the north self-consciously preserved their musical heritage, while  the English imported Scottish tunes and began to write new music in “the Scotch  humour.” Our program explores the secular music, both courtly and native, of  sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Scotland, plus a folk melody which traveled  to the new world, and a Scottish translation of the Lord’s Prayer in a courtly  French musical setting.

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