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Do you want to further support Early Music Voices Concert Society? Some opportunities are highlighted below:


Front of House

Early Music Voices is always looking for Front of House volunteers.  There’s lots that goes on behind the scenes to make a concert a success. You can help out before (and sometimes after) a concert and see the concert for free, as a thank you for your extra time.


Artist Hosting/Driving

When visiting artists come to town, we occasionally need to arrange homestays for them and/or help with driving them to or from rehearsals or the airport.  It doesn’t have to be both! If you’d like to help with either of these things, please let us know.


Committees & the Board

We are also looking for people to serve on various committees.  The Marketing Committee could use your help and ideas spreading the word about our concerts and events.  The Development Committee is working to increase support for our programs and help us grow.  The Program and Education Committee is looking for ways to do more in the community outside of our regular concert programming, in schools or for the public. 

Work on any of these committees could also lead to involvement on our board in the future.  We hope you’ll consider helping us do even more for early music in Calgary!

Email Us to Get Involved


Financial Contributions

Early Music Voices Concert Society is a registered charity. All financial contributions support the organization in bringing unique and exciting performances to Calgary. 

Registered Charity Number: BN89438 9212 RR0001

ATB Cares offers a 15% matching donation at the beginning of each month. 

When donating this way, please share your name with us so we can acknowledge your gift.

Use the link below, then look for the blue donate button in the middle of the ATB Cares page:

Donate through ATB Cares Now


Donations can also be made directly to EMV through PayPal

Donate through PayPal Now


Donations by cheque can be mailed to:

11 Somme Lane SW, Calgary, AB, T2T 6L9

Thank you for your contribution!

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