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We are excited to be returning to in-person concerts! 

To help keep everyone safe we will have the following illness-prevention

plans in place for the Messiah and Sing Along Messiah:

  • Anyone experiencing symptoms known to be related to COVID, RSV or Influenza is asked kindly not to attend.

  • Masking will remain recommended, especially when close to others.  Singing masked is something we have all had to get used to at one point or another!

  • Hand sanitizer will be available.

  • We will be holding an intermission reception at the Sing Along.  Please choose whether you want to come downstairs for this or not based on your own health situation.

  • There will be a masked-required section (Front Left Balcony) for anyone who wants to just listen at the Sing Along, and be surrounded by others who are masked.

  • The fans and HVAC system will remain on during the concerts and the doors to the sanctuary will remain open to increase airflow.

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